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The RudderStack advantage


No more silos! RudderStack builds your customer data lake on your data warehouse, giving you all the functionality of a CDP while you maintain full ownership of your data.


We're open-source and API-first, so RudderStack can be easily integrated into your existing development processes. You can see all of our code, so you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in or black-boxes.

Transparent pricing

Stop paying your CDP a premium to store your data. RudderStack’s warehouse-first architecture is efficient, because we don’t have to own storage of your data. This means we don’t need to build and maintain components most products do - like a big, elastic database - so we don’t have to charge for them.

RudderStack is free up to 500,000 events and our usage-based pricing scales transparently from there.

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Get started today

Start building smarter customer data pipelines today with RudderStack. Our solutions engineering team is here to help.