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Send real-time data to your entire stack

Save hours of dev work every week by sending the same payload from one SDK to every tool in your stack, including your warehouse and data lake.

  • Deploy SDKs for web, mobile, gaming and more

  • Enable cross-device and cross-browser ID resolution

  • Transform payloads in flight with custom code

  • Customize security and privacy settings for every destination

  • Sync data to your warehouse or data lake in as little as 5 mins

Event streaming built for developers

  • Save precious dev and data engineering hours

    Run a single SDK and send clean, consistent data to every tool in your stack—all without the engineering headache.

  • Build a complete view of the customer journey

    Our SDKs track anonymous and known users at the source and update downstream tools in real-time.

  • Easily send data to your marketing, product and CS tools

    Our 180+ out-of-the-box integrations make it easy to send data to any tool used by any team.

Join companies like Crate & Barrel, Hinge and Acorns who stream events through RudderStack

      "We set everything up in 10 minutes in RudderStack and were able to fully deprecate our in-house pipeline."


      - Will Luna
      Engineer at Sanity

      Key features

      • Identity resolution for anonymous and known users

      • Multi-node, horizontal scaling for billions of events

      • Flexible schemas and API spec for all event types

      • Data lake and object storage destinations

      • Custom payload transformations with JavaScript

      • Out-of-the-box Integrations

      Top Event Stream use cases

      • Enable rich behavioral analytics

        Provide your analyst, product and marketing teams with rich, comprehensive behavioral data for every analytics use case.

      • Single source of truth in the warehouse

        Kill data silos at the root. RudderStack makes it easy to capture complete customer profiles and journeys in your cloud data warehouse.

      • Real-time customer experiences

        Automatically send data to marketing, sales and infrastructure tools in real-time
        to drive powerful customer experiences.

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