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ETL pipelines from cloud tools to your warehouse

Combine event and non-event data in your data warehouse with plug-and-play cloud-to-warehouse ELT pipelines.

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Open-source, enterprise-ready and built for the modern stack

Data warehouse and data lake support

Ingest data into every major warehouse, leading data lakes and other databases.

Multiple sources, same schema

Have multiple ETL sources write to the same schema with our table prefix feature.

Configurable sync schedules

Configure the optimal sync schedule for every use case. Run infrequently to save on costs, or move data in near real-time.


Join companies like Priceline, Sanity and Allbirds who run RudderStack ETL

Accurx reduced time to product insight by 3X with clean and fast data routing

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“When it came down to deciding the right solution, there wasn’t a question. We chose RudderStack as the foundation for our warehouse native customer data platform to enable data-driven personalized engagement online."

Chris Frye, Director of Digital Architecture, Crate and Barrel

Key features

Warehouse and data lake support

24+ cloud sources, including CRMs, payments and marketing tools

Configure loads with table prefixes

Choose which data points to sync into the schema

Manage pipeline schedules with configurable sync times

Optional destination transformations

Top ETL use cases

Break down data silos

Get data out of your product, sales, marketing, and support teams tools and into your warehouse to eliminate data silos.

Build a full customer profile

Aggregate all of your customer data in your warehouse to build 360 customer profiles and create a single source of truth.

Drive more meaningful insights

With every data point in your warehouse, you can deliver more powerful analytics to every team and unlock new opportunities for data science and machine learning.

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