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Snap Pixel Integration

DestinationEvent Stream

Snap Pixel Integration

DestinationEvent Stream
Frequently Asked Questions

Add Snap Pixel to WordPress in five simple steps:

  1. Click Snap Pixel from your Ad account
  2. Click on Create my Snap Pixel
  3. Click Set Up My Snap Pixel
  4. Copy the Snapchat Pixel
  5. Paste the Snapchat Pixel into the header and footer of WordPress

To use Snap Pixel:

  1. Log in to your Ads Manager account
  2. Click on the menu and select Events Manager
  3. Select New Event Source and click Create Snap Pixel

Snap hashes identifiers using SHA256 with a dedicated function in the Snap SDK library.

RudderStack Snap Pixel Documentation

Refer to our step-by-step guide and start using the ReactNative SDK today

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