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Segment integration with RudderStack

Send Customer Event Data from Segment to RudderStack Securely

You can quickly and easily set up Segment as a source on the RudderStack dashboard. Add a webhook destination in your Segment dashboard that points to RudderStack, and send events to RudderStack whenever Segment gets an event. The event data ingested from Segment can be further routed to marketing tools, analytics tools, data warehouses, etc., for further processing.

By Adding Segment as a Source in the RudderStack Dashboard, you can:

  • Capture customer event data from various touchpoints across applications and websites
  • Securely ingest your customer event data and route it to your favorite destination platforms in the desired format
  • Store the events in your preferred data warehouse destination in real-time

What you can do with Segment

Integrate tools for your specific analytics or marketing use-cases

Define your events and corresponding properties in a personalized data tracking plan using Segment’s Protocols (a premium add-on feature available to the business-tier customers)

Use Personas, Segment’s powerful personalization platform, to create unified customer profiles, build and enrich audiences, and to activate audiences across marketing tools.

Set up dedicated workspaces to manage the schema of the data that each interface sends, and further test and monitor that data for errors

How to set up Segment Integration

Use our step-by-step guide to set up Segment as a source in RudderStack.



How can we help you?

What is Segment CDP?

Segment is a Customer Data Platform that allows organizations to collect their customer event data from various touchpoints at a single location and control how they can use it. It aggregates customer event data and sends them to different marketing and analytics platforms such as Zendesk, Optimizely, Google Analytics, to name a few and various popular data warehouses. It is a good alternative for companies who send their customer data to many databases and integrate with various marketing and analytics tools.

Is Segment an ETL tool?

While Segment is not primarily an ETL tool, it offers integrations with some SaaS sources and data warehouse destinations. Users can create plans to track customer events across Segment sources based on the key metrics that provide business value.

Can I use RudderStack with Segment?

Yes, you can. RudderStack supports Segment as a source as well as a destination. This means that you can now send your customer events to RudderStack whenever Segment gets an event. Besides, you can route the events from various sources collected via RudderStack to Segment.

How is RudderStack different from Segment?

Compared to Segment, RudderStack has some very important differentiating features. RudderStack is open-source. It follows a warehouse-first, developer-friendly approach to building a CDP - by integrating seamlessly with some of the most popular data warehouses Redshift, Snowflake, etc. Now you can easily build a modern CDP on top of your data warehouse and start sending your data to various analytics and marketing platforms via RudderStack, for your activation use-cases. When it comes to pricing, the enterprise tier of RudderStack charges a fixed fee, rather than following an MTU-based or event-based pricing model like in Segment. This way, you face no limitations on the volume of event data you can work with while using RudderStack.

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