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Integrate your Chargebee with Google BigQuery

Don't go through the pain of direct integration. RudderStack’s Chargebee makes it easy to send data from your Chargebee to Google BigQuery and all of your other cloud tools.

Easy Chargebee to Google BigQuery integration with RudderStack

RudderStack’s open source Chargebee allows you to integrate RudderStack with your Chargebee to track event data and automatically send it to Google BigQuery. With the RudderStack Chargebee, you do not have to worry about having to learn, test, implement or deal with changes in a new API and multiple endpoints every time someone asks for a new integration.

Popular ways to use Google BigQuery
Frequently Asked Questions
Depending on the format, there are multiple ways to export data from Chargebee, whether manually, through a native integration or through a data platform like RudderStack.
There are two primary ways: First, you could write your own code script to pull the data and load it via API. Second, you could use an ETL integration provider like RudderStack to load the data automatically.
Building your own integration between Chargebee and Google BigQuery costs engineering time, while ETL providers like RudderStack generally charge by the number of rows loaded.
Use the Google BigQuery integration with other popular sources
About Google BigQuery

BigQuery is a highly scalable and robust data warehouse offering by Google. Its serverless architecture is aligned to the modern data application requirements and allows you to make quick, data-driven decisions through its state-of-the-art analytics capabilities. As a modern data warehouse solution, BigQuery is built to handle large data workloads with ease. It is a highly cost-effective solution, giving you all the resources you need to transform your data into valuable business insights at a reasonable price.

About Chargebee

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