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Frequently Asked Questions offers modern, automated way to take real-time business data from your product or website and turn it into messaging actions that resonate with your customer. Unlike traditional marketing tools that are dependent on manual uploads or form completions, makes use of automated messaging to keep your user data up to date. It is also used to send targeted emails, push and SMS notifications to your customers for better engagement. is a great tool for improving audience retention and boosting your overall business ROI. allows third-party integrations, as long as the product can send the relevant data to using their prescribed methods. It is very easy to set up an integration – mostly just a matter of a few clicks. As an example, RudderStack supports a seamless integration with It collects the predefined data and delivers it to in a format that it expects. also supports data coming from other platforms such as Zapier or mParticle, and are also building new third-party integrations all the time.

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