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ClickHouse Source Integration

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ClickHouse Source Integration

SourceReverse ETL
Frequently Asked Questions

ClickHouse source is a warehouse data source that enables developers to send data from their Data Warehouse.

Difficulty can vary based on your data structure, data cleanliness and required destinations. Many users choose to simplify implementation by sending warehouse data through secure warehouse data source integration tools like RudderStack.

Pricing for ClickHouse source can vary depending on your use case and data volume. RudderStack offers transparent, volume-based event pricing. See RudderStack's pricing.

ClickHouse was designed to be fast, with a priority given towards query execution performance during the development process.

ClickHouse is an open-source product and is used by popular companies, including Yandex, Bloomberg, Cisco, China Telecom, Tencent, Uber, and many more.

ClickHouse is a column-oriented relational database. It has a few unique features where each table can have a separate engine including some that automatically apply aggregations.

A column-oriented DBMS or columnar DBMS is a database management system (DBMS) that stores data tables in a column rather than by row. This way, the database can more precisely access the data it needs to answer a query rather than scanning and discarding unwanted data in rows.

RudderStack ClickHouse Source Documentation

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