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Bugsnag Integration

DestinationEvent Stream

Bugsnag Integration

DestinationEvent Stream
Frequently Asked Questions

Bugsnag allows you to automatically detect and report errors in your apps through their error reporting libraries, which are available for every major software platform. You can also capture the diagnostic information required to reproduce and fix each error. Bugsnag captures the errors through its libraries and they are visible in your Bugsnag dashboard in real-time. This allows your team to prioritize errors based on their severity.

If you already have a debugging workflow in place, Bugsnag can seamlessly complement the process by helping you to better understand the scope of each error and to prioritize their fixes effectively. In case you don’t have a consistent debugging workflow in place or if it can be improved, using Bugsnag at the core of the process and standardizing it across all teams can do wonders for you.

Yes. Bugsnag takes information security very seriously and follows the best practices across its entire stack – from infrastructure to code. Bugsnag works with the leading InfoSec firms to ensure their security practices are valid and the most up-to-date.

Bugsnag allows you to monitor your applications for potential errors, so you can make data-driven decisions on whether you should be building or developing new features or fixing those bugs.

RudderStack Bugsnag Documentation

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