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AppsFlyer Source Integration

SourceEvent Stream

AppsFlyer Source Integration

SourceEvent Stream
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Mobile attribution helps identify which campaigns, channels, and partners bring app installs, in-app purchases, and more. These insights help measure and optimize marketing activities for both user acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution analytics and app tracking platform. It helps companies manage, measure, and optimize their mobile user acquisition process to improve your ROI. It also provides you with features, including its unique deep linking technology, intuitive dashboards, and more.

The measurement software matches users who were tagged when they clicked the ad to the users who are seen using the app. This confirms that the ad click led to an install. The engagement data is either synced back to the ad network using postbacks or, the in-app events are attributed to the specific ad network that drove the install. Marketers use this data to gain performance insights and to build more effective campaigns.

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