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BambooHR Integration

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BambooHR Integration

SourceEvent Stream

Poor or outdated data is not an option for driving the next generation of analytics analysis and engagement.

Use your business data as a true strategic advantage and improve data quality by automating data acquisition and zeroing maintenance. Blendo integrates with major business intelligence software solutions, such as Sisense, Looker, Chartio, and Tableau, so you can easily and quickly integrate whatever business intelligence tool you use.

Missing data sources do not provide the full picture of your business.

Have all data sources available for your analytics team to understand the factors that affect your business metrics like churn. Integrate all your data sources at once with zero maintenance or effort.

What you can do with BambooHR

Query analytics-ready human resources and performance data

Import your HR data into your data warehouse, or select only the specific resources you need. Get analytics-ready data into your data warehouse with the click of a button and without any scripting or coding.

A better understanding of performance and employee engagement

Create useful reports about hiring and engagement of your employees. Gain a better view of employee performance and improve the management processes of your company.

Business Metrics & HR

Get your human resources data into your data warehouse with ease. Discover how metrics in sales or support combine with projections in HR needs or performance.

RudderStack BambooHR Documentation

Refer to our step-by-step guide and start using the ReactNative SDK today

About BambooHR

BambooHR is an online human resources software service for small and midsized businesses. By integrating BambooHR with Blendo, you will be able to analyze ready-to-use analytics-friendly human resources data in your data warehouse and your BI. Go beyond BambooHR’s vanilla dashboards and ask any question you want about your HR’s data. Having your BambooHR data in the same data warehouse as your ads, support, and sales will help you get a holistic understanding of your business. Drill down to your HR data and help inform executive member on HR matters like retention or turnover, see how your HR department performs and what you can do to improve. Combine it with other data sources and discover how projections in HR needs or performance combine with other business metrics.

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