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Data Analytics

Great analytics require great data

RudderStack’s drop-in pipelines enable you to ship analytics-ready data in days, not weeks.

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Open-source, enterprise-ready and built for the modern stack

  • Bring your own BI and visualization

    RudderStack builds analytics-ready tables in your warehouse, meaning downstream teams can visualize in their tool of choice, be it Looker, Tableau, Superset or Data Studio.

  • Pre-defined schemas for every data type

    RudderStack automatically creates schemas in your warehouse or data lake, meaning less data engineering work and happy analysts.

  • Free DBT models for top analytics use cases

    Leverage our growing library of dbt models to deliver analytics for attribution, customer journeys and sessionization in days, not weeks.

Join companies like Stripe, Priceline and Grafana who stream events through RudderStack.

      “RudderStack collects even more detailed real-time data on our customer journey. That data now powers analytics, revenue reporting and the recommendations engine built by data science.”


      - David Anne
      Head of Engineering at Loveholidays

      Quickly enable powerful analytics use cases, like attribution and cost-per acquisition

      RudderStack’s pipelines make it easy to collect clickstream data from your sites and apps as well as structured performance data from platforms like Google Ads, then combine it in your warehouse. This user level data can provide analysts with game-changing insights about the customer journey and marketing performance.

      See how RudderStack powers analytics

      Deliver analytics-ready data to data analysts, product managers and marketers

      • Make your data analysts superheroes

        No matter what stack your data analyst team is using, RudderStack can make it better with rich, clean data, meaning faster time-to-insight for analysts.

      • Help product optimize faster

        RudderStack’s real-time clickstream data can feed product analytics tools like Amplitude, Mixpanel and Heap, meaning product managers get immediate feedback on feature adoption.

      • Make marketing happy (finally)

        Help marketing move beyond bad data and instrumentation in Google Analytics and empower them with comprehensive, real-time data from your sites and apps.

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      Start building smarter customer data pipelines today with RudderStack. Our solutions engineering team is here to help.