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MongoDB Source

MongoDB is a robust NoSQL database used for high-volume data storage. It is a document-oriented database commonly used to store product data, customer interactions, website data, and a lot more.

With MongoDB, it is extremely easy to explore your data and join it with the data from the other business teams - making it an invaluable tool to perform effective Business Intelligence.

Integrating MongoDB with RudderStack gives you ready-to-use analytics data into your data warehouse to explore with your BI and discover more answers about business.

What you can do with MongoDB

  • Run ad-hoc queries on your data for optimized, real-time analytics
  • Implement and execute your data queries efficiently through indexing
  • Ensure high availability and stability of your data through effective replication strategies
  • Implement load balancing, scaling, and sharding mechanisms to handle high data volumes reliably
  • Run privately in your on-premise solution or on your cloud.

Easily Load Your MongoDB Data into RudderStack Securely

Easily set up MongoDB as a source in RudderStack within minutes. Once successfully configured, RudderStack automatically ingests your specified events data from MongoDB. You can then route this event data to your favorite third-party destinations supported by RudderStack.

By Adding MongoDB as a Source in the Rudderstack Dashboard, You Can:

  • Get analytics-ready data from your MongoDB instance for all of your customer data stack
  • Synchronize your MongoDB data based on your preferred schedule and run frequency.
  • Send your data to your preferred destinations in the desired format.
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