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Fireside Chat: The Future of CDPs

February, 15 2023

12:00 PM EST

What does the future hold for CDPs? Will the big players get unbundled? Will individual technical components be bundled? And how should CTOs and other data leaders help their companies navigate the changes?

Join us for a fireside chat between Nari Sitaraman, CTO at BARK and former CTO at Crate and Barrel, and Soumyadeb Mitra, founder and CEO of RudderStack, as they discuss the future of customer data technology and how to build competitive advantage as a data leader.

What we will cover:

  • CDPs in the enterprise - what’s the current state and where are things headed?
  • The future of security and privacy and what that means for CDP architecture
  • What is the role of the technology org and how should they interact with marketing, support and other teams?
  • What are practical strategies for building competitive advantage with technology?


Soumyadeb Mitra


Soumyadeb Mitra

Founder and CEO of RudderStack
Founder and CEO of RudderStack. Passionate about finding engineering solutions to real-world problems.

Narayanan “Nari” Sitaraman


Narayanan “Nari” Sitaraman

CTO, BARK, former CTO at Crate & Barrel

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