Administrator guides

Reference for some common administrative tasks while using RudderStack.

Alerting guide

Configure system alerts and warnings for your RudderStack implementation.

Bucket configuration settings for event backups

Configure cloud-specific buckets for your event backups.

Configuration parameters

Various types of configuration parameters explained with their types, descriptions, and default values

Event replay

Play back events for diagnostics, testing, or in case of failures.

Grafana dashboard

Dashboard options for better observability and performance monitoring of your RudderStack setup.

High availability

Learn about RudderStack’s high-availability methodologies.

Horizontal scaling

Familiarize yourself with RudderStack’s horizontal scaling approach.

Infrastructure provisioning

Provision your infrastructure for RudderStack performance metrics.

Monitoring and metrics

A look at all stats/metrics generated by the backend and how to monitor the applications using them.

Okta SSO Setup

Set up the RudderStack SSO (Single Sign-On) feature with Okta.

OneLogin SSO setup

Set up the RudderStack SSO (Single Sign-On) feature with OneLogin.

Software releases

Technical description of the RudderStack releases.

Troubleshooting guide

Quick solutions to the common and not-so-common problems you are likely to encounter as an admin while using RudderStack

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