Transformations Observability

Get full visibility into all the metrics for your transformations.

The Events tab of your transformation displays volume metrics for all ingested events, including transformation errors. This is helpful in understanding how the transformed events are flowing through and taking any remedial actions in case of errors.

Transformation metrics

Transformations event metrics

In this section, you get the following event metrics for your transformation:

  • Events ingested: Number of events ingested by the RudderStack source.
  • Events dropped: Number of events dropped by the transformation. For example, if your transformation allowlists only track events with the name Product Purchased, any event that does not meet this criteria is dropped.
  • Errors: Number of events that encountered errors during transformation.
  • Events transformed: Number of events transformed and delivered successfully.

You can filter and view the metrics for the past one day, seven days, or 30 days.

If you have connected the transformation to multiple destinations, you can view metrics for all destinations or select them individually. You also get the option of filtering the events by sources connected to those destinations.

Transformation errors

This error table provides the following information:

  • Event type, like identify, track, etc.
  • Event name
  • Source and destination associated with the error.
  • Number of events with the error.
  • Time since the last error occurred.
  • Error status code
Transformation errors

Click on Details for a comprehensive error description and a sample event linked to the error.

Error description and payload

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