Pipedream source

Ingest your event data from Pipedream into RudderStack.

Pipedream lets you build and automate processes that connect APIs. It supports open source triggers and actions for hundreds of integrations.

This guide will help you set up Pipedream as a source in RudderStack.

Getting started

Follow these steps to set up your Pipedream source in the RudderStack dashboard:

  1. Go to your RudderStack dashboard and click Add Source. From the list of Event Streams sources, select Pipedream.
  2. Assign a name to your source and click Continue.
  3. Your Pipedream source is now configured. Note the Webhook URL in the Settings tab:
Pipedream source webhook URL
  1. Log in to your Pipedream dashboard and set up your workflow.
  2. After adding a trigger, click the + icon to add a step. Then, select the HTTP/Webhook option and choose Send any HTTP Request:
Pipedream add a step
  1. In the HTTP Request Configuration section, choose POST as the request type and enter the RudderStack webhook URL obtained in Step 3 above. Also, configure the other request configuration settings as required.
RudderStack only accepts the incoming HTTP requests of type POST.
Pipedream custom HTTP request
  1. Click Deploy to finish setting up the workflow.

Event transformation

RudderStack ingests the Pipedream events and checks for the userId/anonymousId field and the event type (identify, track, etc.). If both are present, it considers the event to be in a RudderStack payload format. Otherwise, it converts it into a RudderStack payload according to the below property-value mapping:

RudderStack propertyValue
message.propertiesPipedream input payload

How RudderStack creates the event payload

RudderStack supports all standard events in the specified format. For the other events, it transforms the incoming data to a track payload.

A sample incoming payload is as shown:

    "artist": "Artist One",
    "genre": "Jazz",
    "song": "Take Five"

RudderStack transforms the above payload into the following track payload:

  "event": "pipedream_soure_event",
  "anonymousId": "63767499ca6fb1b7c988d5bb",
  "integration": {
    "name": "PIPEDREAM"
  "integrations": {
    "PIPEDREAM": false
  "type": "track",
  "properties": {
    "artist": "Artist One",
    "genre": "Jazz",
    "song": "Take Five"

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