Ortto source (formerly Autopilot)

Ingest your event data from Ortto into RudderStack.

Ortto (formerly Autopilot) is a popular marketing automation platform that allows you to track and capture new leads, create detailed customer journeys, and boost customer retention.

This guide will help you set up Ortto as a source in RudderStack.

Getting started

Follow these steps to set up your Ortto source in the RudderStack dashboard:

  1. Go to your RudderStack dashboard and click Add Source. From the list of Event Streams sources, select Ortto.
  2. Assign a name to your source and click Continue.
  3. Your Ortto source is now configured. Note the Webhook URL by going to the Settings tab.
Ortto webhook URL
  1. Log in to your Ortto dashboard. From the left sidebar, go to More > Data sources > New data source:
Add webhook source in Ortto
  1. Search for Webhook and select Webhook (advanced).
Add webhook source in Ortto
  1. Enter the Webhook name. Specify the URL obtained in Step 3 in the Webhook URL field.
Add webhook name and URL
  1. Complete the rest of the configuration as per your requirements and click Create.
It is recommended to test your webhook using the Test button before clicking Create to complete the setup.

Event transformation

RudderStack ingests the events from Ortto as track events, after converting them into the appropriate event format.

RudderStack supports ingesting events related to the following Ortto standard activities:

  • Email activities
  • SMS activities
  • Push activities
  • Web and user session activities
  • Audience and tag activities
  • Playbook activities
  • Journey activities
  • Capture widget activities
  • Talk conversation activities

Property mappings

RudderStack maps the following Ortto properties from the event payload to the RudderStack fields:

Ortto PropertyRudderStack Property
contact.external_iduserId / anonymousId

A sample input payload ingested by RudderStack:

  "activity": {
    "id": "00651b946bfef7e80478efee",
    "field_id": "act::s-all",
    "created": "2023-10-03T04:11:23Z",
    "attr": {
      "str::is": "API",
      "str::s-ctx": "Subscribed via API"
  "contact": {
    "contact_id": "00651b946baa9be6b2edad00",
    "email": "alex@example.com"
  "id": "00651b946cef87c7af64f4f3",
  "time": "2023-10-03T04:11:24.25726779Z",
  "webhook_id": "651b8aec8002153e16319fd3"

The RudderStack-transformed event payload is shown below:

  "anonymousId": "3ce8d38c-ecad-4941-8226-c802a08a7889",
  "context": {
    "externalId": [{
      "id": "00651b946baa9be6b2edad00",
      "type": "orttoPersonId"
    "integration": {
      "name": "ortto"
    "ip": "",
    "library": {
      "name": "unknown",
      "version": "unknown"
    "traits": {
      "email": "alex@example.com"
  "event": "Resubscribe globally",
  "integrations": {
    "ortto": false
  "messageId": "00651b946cef87c7af64f4f3",
  "originalTimestamp": "2023-10-03T04:11:24.000Z",
  "properties": {
    "activity.attr.str::is": "API",
    "activity.attr.str::s-ctx": "Subscribed via API",
    "activity.created": "2023-10-03T04:11:23Z",
    "activity.id": "00651b946bfef7e80478efee",
    "webhook_id": "651b8aec8002153e16319fd3"
  "receivedAt": "2023-10-03T13:38:06.762Z",
  "request_ip": "",
  "rudderId": "2e69b7d1-1511-4f10-bec9-43652ab8efe0",
  "sentAt": "2023-10-17T13:38:10.993Z",
  "timestamp": "2023-10-17T13:38:01.768Z",
  "type": "track"


Why am I getting a 500 error while testing my webhook data source in Ortto?

If you’re getting a Unexpected status code 500 received while setting up your webhook data source in Ortto, verify if your webhook URL is correctly configured to receive events.

Ortto webhook source error

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