App Center Source

Ingest your event data from App Center into RudderStack.

App Center is Microsoft’s cross-platform build automation and management platform. It lets you automate your builds, test your apps in the cloud, and monitor their real-time usage with the help of crash data and analytics.

You can send your App Center events by adding a webhook that points to RudderStack. These events include activities related to build success or failure, new app version releases, or app crashes. You can also configure what events to send per your requirement on their dashboard.

This guide will help you set up App Center as a source in RudderStack.

Getting started

Follow these steps to set up your App Center source in the RudderStack dashboard:

  1. Go to your RudderStack dashboard and click Add Source. From the list of Event Streams sources, select App Center.
  2. Assign a name to your source and click Continue.
  3. Your App Center source is now configured. Note the source Write key required to configure the webhook URL.
App Center source write key
  1. Then, head over to your App Center account and select the application you want to configure. Here, navigate to the Webhooks section under Settings from the sidebar, and then create a new webhook:
App Center source configuration
  1. In the URL text box, add the URL pointing to RudderStack in the following format:

For more information on the data plane URL, refer to the Glossary.

Make sure you add the source write key obtained in Step 3 as a query parameter to the URL. This is required to prevent the webhook from failing for the lack of a valid write key.

A sample URL is as shown:
It is highly recommended to validate the endpoint using the Send Test button.
Endpoint configuration
  1. Finally, save the endpoint.

Event transformation

The App Center events are ingested into a RudderStack track call with the designated name and properties as the entire event received from App Center. For example, the app_name set by App Center is set as

The following table highlights the mapping of various App Center events from App to RudderStack’s track calls:

App Center EventRudderStack Track Event Name
On Success of a BuildBuild Succeeded
On Failure of a BuildBuild Failed
On Release of a new versionReleased Version <X.YY>
On an App CrashApp Crashed

Also, RudderStack populates the following properties from the App Center event payload to the RudderStack event:

App Center PropertyRudderStack Property
os, platformcontext.device.type,

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