Event Streaming Sources

Ingest your event data into RudderStack using cloud apps and SDKs.

RudderStack’s Event Stream product lets you collect the event data from all of your sites and applications and route it to a wide array of customer tools and data warehouses.

You can see how the product works in this self-paced product tour:

The Event Stream product supports various SDKs and Cloud Apps as data sources listed below:


RudderStack provides the following open source SDKs for your web, mobile, and server-side applications:


Track customer event data from your website and web apps and send it to your specified destinations.


Use the native RudderStack SDKs for the popular mobile operating systems and development frameworks.


Use the server-side SDKs to track event data from your backend applications.

Cloud apps

Ingest event data from your cloud apps and route it to the specified destinations.

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