What is a source?

A source in RudderStack is the place where your event data originates. The most common event sources are your apps and web properties, but can include third-party cloud apps, server integrations, and even your own data warehouse.

The following sections provide more detail on the available source types, with links to the setup guides for each source. If you're new to RudderStack, it is recommended going through the Quickstart guide to create your first source using the JavaScript SDK.


RudderStack supports open source SDKs for web, mobile, and server applications.


Track customer event data from your website and web apps and send it to your specified destinations via RudderStack.


RudderStack provides native mobile SDKs for the mobile operating systems and development frameworks.


Use the server-side SDKs to track event data from your backend applications and send it to your specified destinations.

Cloud Apps

Stream event data asynchronously via webhooks and track the event data from user interactions.

Cloud Extract

With RudderStack Cloud Extract, you can collect your raw events and data from different cloud tools such as Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Marketo, HubSpot, Stripe, and more. You can then build efficient ELT pipelines from these cloud apps to your data warehouse.

Reverse ETL

Use your data warehouse as a data source. With RudderStack's Reverse ETL capabilities, tap into your warehouse data as a way to enrich data pipelines elsewhere in your stack, for enhanced customization, personalization, and targeting.


If possible, it is recommended to use a native SDK for tracking and routing user events from your sources. RudderStack's SDKs offer automatic tagging of user context, event batching, and retry functionality during delivery failure.

If you don't see a supported SDK or library for your environment, you can send your data directly to the RudderStack HTTP API.

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