Early Access Program

Collaborate with RudderStack’s Product team on building out new, exciting features.

RudderStack’s Early Access Program is run by our Product team and serves as a collaborative way get feedback on new and experimental features.

Features in our Early Access Program are functional, but not generally available. Functionality and documentation will change as we incorporate feedback. While we encourage you to try features and give us feedback, we highly recommend connecting with our team before running them in production.

What features are released through the Early Access Program?

We release a variety of features through the Early Access Program. Though features tend to relate to our newest products, like Profiles, we constantly innovate on our entire product line.

Here are a few examples of features released in the Early Access Program:

Not every feature in the Early Access Program will be released. Depending on feedback, we may choose to deprecate certain experimental features.

How do I join the Early Access Program?

To collaborate with us on all of our new features, you can reach out and let us know that you’d like to formally join the program.

If you are only interested in specific features, keep an eye on our blog and reach out when you see something you’d like to try.

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