Multiple Workspaces and Environments

Multiple workspaces support for RudderStack Cloud.
Available Plans
  • starter
  • growth
  • enterprise

RudderStack now supports multiple workspaces within an organization in its Starter, Growth, and Enterprise plans.

A workspace is an environment or nested grouping of resources and related settings. You can use the multiple workspaces feature for separating your development and production pipeline workflows and switch seamlessly between them. You can also add/remove members who are a part of your RudderStack organization to the relevant workspaces.

The number of available workspaces depends on your RudderStack Cloud plan. See the Workspaces documentation for more information.

To view the workspace details and manage its settings, go to Settings > Workspace in your RudderStack dashboard.

Workspace in RudderStack

To switch between workspaces, click Workspace > Switch workspace. Then, select the workspace you want to view.

Switch workspace

For more information on this feature, see our Workspaces guide.

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