User Suppression API

Simplify compliance by automating user preference updates across the entire customer data stack.
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We have announced the launch of our User Suppression API. This API makes it easy to honor user consent by suppressing data collection at the source and enabling you to delete user data across multiple cloud tools simultaneously.

Our customers use the User Suppression API to avoid navigating multiple data stores and integrations across multiple regulatory environments to track and manage user consent preferences.

With RudderStack’s User Suppression API, you can:

  • Suppress data collection across multiple sources for a user or list of users. RudderStack drops the events for these users at the source. After suppression, these events will not be visible in any debuggers or forwarded to any destinations.
  • Suppress and delete user data across multiple downstream destinations like Amplitude, Braze, Redis, and others. This is helpful in cases where the user requests that their data be deleted.
  • Maintain centralized, historical records of user opt-outs. This helps data teams keep a record of all user preference updates to ensure they can suppress data coming from new sources.

For more information on the User Suppression API and how it works, read our blog. You can also refer to our docs to learn more about the API and its associated endpoints.

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