Tracking Plan Observability Enhancements

Enhanced visibility into tracking plan violations.
Available Plans
  • enterprise

We have introduced new observability features that increase your visibility and insights into tracking plan violations to help you maintain high-quality data.

With this update, you can directly track all tracking plan violations, their types, and sample violation events in the RudderStack dashboard. You can also monitor violations across different tracking plan versions within the previous 30 days.

To access the tracking plan violations, go to the Events tab of your source and click Violations under Event Details. Here, you can view the number of validated events, their type, name, events that violate tracking plan rules, and dropped events.

Tracking plan observability

Violation types

RudderStack defines five violation types:

  • Additional-Properties
  • Required-Missing
  • Datatype-Mismatch
  • Unplanned-Event
  • Unknown-Violation

Note that each event can have multiple violations. See Violation types in our tracking plans documentation to learn more.

Violation counts

RudderStack also provides the violation count for each violation type. For example, if a single event violates a property missing rule, the count captures multiple missing properties associated with that violation. See Event details for more information.

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