Key Pair Authentication Support for Snowflake Reverse ETL Source

Snowflake key pair authentication support for enhanced security.
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RudderStack now supports Snowflake’s key pair authentication mechanism while setting up your Snowflake Reverse ETL source. You can now configure a key pair in Snowflake and use the private key for user authentication.

Snowflake’s key pair authentication mechanism leverages a 2048-bit RSA key pair and offers better security over basic authentication (username + password).

To use this feature:

  1. Set up a key pair in Snowflake.
  2. Set the Authentication Type to Key Pair Authentication.
  3. Specify the Private Key generated above.
  4. If the private key is encrypted, specify the Private Key Passphrase used for encryption. Otherwise, leave it blank.

See the Snowflake source documentation for more information.

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