Feature Launch: Transformations for Real-time Schema Fixes

Fix bad event data in real time without filing a dev ticket.
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Tracking plans enable you to catch violations and quarantine or drop bad data before it gets downstream. But without remedying the bad data, you’re left with an incomplete dataset and a partial picture of your customer.

Today, we’re introducing real-time schema fixes with Transformations so you can fix bad data while maintaining an efficient workflow. This feature is part of our Data Quality Toolkit, a set of capabilities that help you guarantee quality data from the source so you can spend less time wrangling and more time helping your business drive revenue.

Using Tracking plans, you can enrich your events with violation information like erroneous property names, incorrect data types, or wrong payload structures. Then, you can write transformations in JavaScript or Python to correct these violations before they impact your stakeholders downstream.

Because transformations occur in your pipeline – after event collection and before delivery – you don’t have to worry about submitting a dev ticket. You can fix bad data in real-time without redeploying sites or apps, a critical benefit especially during code freezes.

Transformations for realtime schema fixes

For more information on this feature, see our Transformations for real-time schema fixes launch blog.

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