Gain a complete view of your customers with RudderStack Profiles.
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RudderStack Profiles

We are thrilled to announce the release of our newest product in partnership with Snowflake, RudderStack Profiles.

Building a complete view of your customer is critical, but a challenging effort for data teams. With Profiles, we have made this task easier, faster, and more effective than ever before.

What is RudderStack Profiles?

If you’ve ever tried to build a customer 360° view, you know how hard, expensive, and time consuming it can be. But getting it right means an increase in customer loyalty, engagement, and ultimately, revenue.

With RudderStack Profiles, you can easily build comprehensive and enriched customer profiles in your warehouse, without the frustration of thousands of lines of SQL or rigid SaaS tools. Profiles automatically runs the joins and computations required to produce a full customer 360 table, including an identity graph and rich customer features.

Creating a profile in the RudderStack dashboard:

Why RudderStack Profiles?

Our beta customers have seen a 5-10x gain in data engineering productivity, 2x+ lift in AI/ML model development speed, and delivered 3x more ML-driven marketing campaigns. These game-changing results are just the beginning of what businesses can achieve with Profiles.

RudderStack Profiles is available now for all our Enterprise tier customers. To enable it, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Get started with Profiles

To learn more about Profiles, check out the following resources:

See our product documentation to get started creating your first profile.

See our blog post to learn how Profiles can help you build a complete view of your customers.

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