Pinterest Ads Mapping Enhancements

Updates to the way RudderStack maps events to the Pinterest Standard Conversion Events.
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We have updated our Pinterest integration to include a new way of mapping your RudderStack events to the Pinterest Standard Conversion Events.

RudderStack supported this mapping method for Pinterest v3 API already. Now, it is supported for Pinterest API v5 as well.

By default, RudderStack gives the highest priority to the event mappings specified in the Map Your Events To Pinterest Events setting.

However, if not specified, RudderStack maps the events in the following order:

  • RudderStack gives priority to the standard ecommerce event mappings.
  • If you turn on the Send as custom event toggle, then RudderStack sends the event with name custom to Pinterest.

If none of the above qualifies, RudderStack sends the event name to Pinterest as is, and it is shown as an unknown event in the Pinterest dashboard.

See Setting up Pinterest Ads guide for more information on the above settings and the mapping enhancements.

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