Ortto Source (formerly Autopilot)

Integrate Ortto with RudderStack.
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  • enterprise

Today, we launched Ortto (formerly Autopilot) as a source. Now your can send all your marketing automation and analytics data from Ortto to your entire customer data stack via RudderStack.

How does this integration work?

Once you set up an Ortto source in RudderStack, copy the webhook URL. Then, create a new webhook data source in your Ortto dashboard and paste this URL.

RudderStack automatically listens to and ingests the following Ortto standard activities:

  • Email activities
  • SMS activities
  • Push activities
  • Web and user session activities
  • Audience and tag activities
  • Playbook activities
  • Journey activities
  • Capture widget activities
  • Talk conversation activities

See our Ortto documentation for detailed information on setting up and using this source.

Questions? Contact us by email or on Slack