Feature Launch: Health Dashboard for Data Quality Monitoring and Alerting

Get a global view of your event data health and set up effective alerting.
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Today, we’re introducing the Health Dashboard, the final tool in our Data Quality toolkit. It provides a centralized place to monitor data quality and manage alerts across your entire stack.

With the Health Dashboard, you can drive data trust and ensure that every strategic decision, from marketing campaigns to product development, is based on accurate and reliable information. It exposes the key metrics related to your pipelines like:

  • Event ingestion metrics
  • Event delivery metrics
  • Warehouse load metrics
  • Tracking plan violations
RudderStack health dashboard

You can also set up timely notifications for critical issues so you can take appropriate action immediately. You can configure thresholds for key alerts by source and destination, and deliver alerts to your system of choice like email, webhook, Slack, or any other tool of your choice.

Alert channels

For more information on this feature, see our Health Dashboard for Data Quality Monitoring and Alerting launch blog.

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