Mixpanel Track Endpoint Deprecation

Mixpanel track endpoint deprecation and destination configuration updates.
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We have significantly enhanced our Mixpanel destination integration to improve the overall functionality.

Deprecation of Mixpanel track endpoint

We have deprecated the support for Mixpanel’s /track endpoint.

Previously, RudderStack used the /import endpoint along with the /track endpoint to perform the merging of known (userId) and anonymous (anonymousId) users. With this update, RudderStack sends all events to Mixpanel by leveraging only the /import endpoint.

This change offers a higher batch limit, supports Gzip event compression, and supports ingestion of historical data, along with several other improvements.

Note that with this update, you should expect additional merge calls in your Mixpanel profile feed.

For more details, see Mixpanel’s documentation.

Deprecation of API Secret dashboard setting

We have also removed the API Secret setting which was used to set up the Mixpanel destination in RudderStack.

RudderStack now uses the API Token or Service Account credentials provided in the dashboard to authenticate the /import API to send all events to Mixpanel.

See our Mixpanel documentation for more information.

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