Apache Kafka source (Early Access)

Send data from your Kafka source to RudderStack.
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We have launched Apache Kafka as a source as part of our Early Access Program.

Now you can ingest real-time Kafka streams into RudderStack to:

  • Forward Kafka streams to 200+ destinations via RudderStack.
  • Stream Kafka data to your warehouse or data lake to feed identity resolution customer 360 projects in RudderStack Profiles.
  • Enforce data governance using RudderStack’s event stream tooling.

Read our launch blog post to learn more about the Kafka source and how it works. To request early access to our Kafka source, contact us.


RudderStack’s Early Access Program is run by our Product team and serves as a collaborative way get feedback on new and experimental features.

For more information on the Early Access Program, read our docs.

Questions? Contact us by email or on Slack