Fall 2023 Product Roundup

Roundup of all the new features and improvements over the past few months.
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RudderStack is the warehouse native Customer Data Platform and makes it easier for you to collect, unify, and activate your customer data to drive better business outcomes.

Over the past few months, we’ve released a lot of new features and enhancements to make RudderStack a more powerful tool. Check out the product roundup below to ensure you don’t miss anything.

The compliance toolkit

The RudderStack compliance toolkit

We launched a toolkit to help you simplify compliance across the entire data lifecycle. You can now continuously manage consent, collection, storage, and deletion all within RudderStack. Each tool runs within your own data infrastructure and supports first-class integrations with compliance tools like OneTrust and Ketch.

Read our launch blog to learn more.

New features

Real-time activation API

With the real-time Activation API, you can extend RudderStack Profiles to every corner of the enterprise through real-time, RudderStack-managed API. Now, anyone in your company can access your customer 360 data in real time using a single API integration.

Read the launch announcement to learn more and contact us to join our Early Access Program.


ProfilesML enables you to build predictive features in your warehouse without MLOps. The new feature brings out-of-the-box predictive capabilities to RudderStack Profiles. It fits within your existing Profiles workflow, allowing you to start building predictive features in four steps:

  1. Choose your ProfilesML model (churn prediction and lead scoring are currently available, and more models are on the way).
  2. Specify the predictive feature or define it yourself.
  3. Push the ProfilesML project to Github and kick off a run.
  4. Monitor model performance and tweak as necessary.

Read the launch announcement to learn more and contact us to join our Early Access Program.

Real-time Braze deduplication

With this new feature, RudderStack prevents duplicate data from being sent to Braze, saving data points and avoiding unnecessary billing overages. No more custom work and no more accidental overages from duplicate data points. The Braze deduplication feature is available in both cloud and device mode for Event Stream and for Reverse ETL pipelines.

Read the launch announcement and the release notes to learn more.

User Suppression API

You can use the user suppression API suppress event collection across multiple data sources and delete user information from multiple destinations with a single endpoint.

With this API, you can create a suppression rule that automatically stops tracking user events across data sources when a user opts out of tracking and automatically deletes user data from downstream destinations when a user requests to be forgotten.

Read the launch announcement and the release notes to learn more.

Cookieless tracking

RudderStack’s cookieless tracking feature, now a part of our JavaScript SDK, gives you control over what user information you collect and where to store it, so you can adapt to fast-changing regulatory environments.

While loading the JavaScript SDK, you can specify the user information you want to store, such as userId, anonymousId, and session information, and you can decide where to store it. Store data in browser cookies or use one of four cookieless storage methods: local storage, in-memory storage, session storage, or none.

Read the launch announcement and the docs to learn more.

RudderStack’s consent management features give you fine-grained control of which integrations are loaded and receive customer data based on any combination of consent preferences chosen by the user.

Our fully integrated consent solution works with first-class consent tools like OneTrust, as well as custom-built systems, and it now allows for both client-side and server-side consent categorization of each individual downstream integration.

Read the launch announcement to learn more.

Databricks Reverse ETL source

If you’re using Databricks, you can now easily sync data from your data lakehouse to your entire stack. This new integration is a big unlock if you’re building models or audiences in Databricks and want to push that data to marketing and product tools. It supports Databricks Unity Catalog and works with our visual data mapper and mirror mode features.

Read the launch announcement and the docs to learn more.

Apache Kafka source

Our Kafka source integration enables you to automatically forward Kafka streams to key business tools and standardize schemas for data used in identity resolution and customer 360 projects – all without customer integration and pipeline work. With RudderStack, you can get more out of your Kafka implementation.

Read the launch announcement to learn more and contact us to join our Early Access Program.

Materialize destination

With the RudderStack Materialize destination, you can now get the power of a data warehouse and the speed of real-time streaming. Use the Materialize destination integration to stream real-time events from RudderStack directly into Materialize – the operational data warehouse – where it’s available for real-time materialized views, alerts, and analytics. Check out the Materialize docs to learn how to set up the connection.

Read the launch announcement to learn more.

More updates

JavaScript SDK v3

Our latest Javascript SDK (currently in beta) is more lightweight and efficient, and it’s less vulnerable to adblockers. Best of all, you can now load specific SDK features by leveraging SDK plugins.

Read the release notes for more information.

JSON mapping support

With JSON mapping, you can now map RudderStack events to a destination’s expected format using an intuitive mapping UI or a JSON text editor.

Read the release notes to learn more.

Billing and plans UI enhancement

We released a new billing and plans UI, making it easier for you to manage your RudderStack Cloud plan and update your payment and billing information.

Read the release notes to learn more.

Databricks Partner Connect

RudderStack is now featured on Databricks Partner Connect, making it easy for Databricks users to get started with RudderStack directly from Databricks.

Read the release notes to learn more.

New integration releases and enhancements

This fall, we added a host of new sources and destinations to our integrations directory and released important enhancements for many others.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new:


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