Databricks Reverse ETL Source Enhancements

Audiences, Unity catalog, and mirror mode support for Databricks source.
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We have updated our Databricks reverse ETL source with some additional features including support for Audiences, Unity catalog, and mirror mode.

Previously, we also announced support for Models where you can define and reuse custom SQL queries on Databricks to send data to your destinations.


The Databricks source now supports the Audiences feature. You can now create a subset of users specifying specific criteria on your Databricks tables and sync this information to your destinations.

Unity catalog

You can now sync data from your Unity catalog. To do so, configure your Unity catalog while setting up the Databricks source.

Mirror mode

The Databricks source now supports syncing data using the mirror mode. In this mode, RudderStack ensures that the data in your destination is exactly the same as your Databricks source at any point of time.

See our Databricks documentation for more information on using these features.

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