Feature launch: Data Catalog

Integrate data quality into your existing workflow by aligning every team around the same event definitions.
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RudderStack Data Catalog screenshot

Data definitions should be a team sport. In the real world, though, hard-to-bridge divides exist between different business units. Development, data, and business teams have different incentives and operate independently.

This means data teams and developers rarely get complete requirements from business teams. A shared document may be floating somewhere in the ether, but it’s often an incomplete, out-of-date spreadsheet. This scenario results in messy event instrumentation that creates issues downstream. Issues that the data team has to fix.

With our tools for collaborative event definitions, you can align every team around the same event definitions and integrate data quality into your existing workflow. Our Data Catalog and Event Audit API help you guarantee quality customer data from the source.

For more information on this feature, see our Data Catalog launch blog.

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