Cohorts and Activations

Create core customer segments and activate them in your downstream tools.
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RudderStack Profiles now provides the Cohorts and Activations features, which let you define target customer segments in your warehouse and activate them in downstream marketing tools like Braze, Mailchimp, etc. They give business users unprecedented access to complete customer profiles through an intuitive UI.


Using cohorts, you can define core customer segments in your warehouse via a simple YAML configuration, and the entire business can use them as a single source of truth. It is a subset of instances of an entity meeting a specified set of characteristics, behaviors, or attributes. For example, if you have a user as an entity, you can define cohorts like known users, new users, or North American users, etc.

Activation API

By leveraging cohorts, you can target specific customer segments by enabling targeted campaigns and analysis. See Cohorts for more information.


Activations provide business users the access to explore the customer 360, build audiences from cohorts, and sync them directly to the desired destinations. This helps you make informed decisions, run personalized marketing campaigns, and enhance the overall customer experience across multiple platforms.


See Activations for more information.

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