Cancellable Reverse ETL Syncs

Cancel a running Reverse ETL sync without any hassle.
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RudderStack lets you cancel an ongoing Reverse ETL sync at any point to fix any configuration or destination-related issues without having to contact our Customer Success team.

At times, there might be scenarios where you might want to cancel an ongoing sync because of the following reasons:

  • Missing/incorrect mappings leading to inaccurate data for an otherwise healthy Reverse ETL pipeline
  • Wrong destination configuration
  • Missing required data in the warehouse table, etc.

Now, you can cancel your ongoing syncs by going to the Syncs tab of your reverse ETL source and clicking Stop Now.

Stop syncs

In the confirmation popup, click Stop Sync to cancel and stop the sync. RudderStack automatically cancels the sync and stops reading data from the warehouse.

After you stop a sync, RudderStack automatically triggers this draining process in the background. The time taken for this process to complete depends on the amount of data. Hence, waiting for some time before triggering next sync is recommended.

To read more about this feature, read our Syncing Events guide.

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