Braze Deduplication Support

Deduplicate identify and track events before sending them to Braze.
Available Plans
  • growth
  • enterprise

You can now leverage RudderStack’s deduplication feature while sending your events to save data points and avoid billing overages in Braze.

For more information on how deduplication works in RudderStack and how to set it up, see our Braze Deduplication guide.

Why use deduplication

Braze charges its consumption based on the data points it ingests for every event and user property. These data points are accumulated as you update your user profiles or when the users perform any activity.

Braze counts all data points as unique irrespective of whether you send any duplicates and adds them to your billing.

With the deduplication feature, RudderStack identifies and prevents any duplicate user traits or properties in your identify and track events from being sent to Braze. This way, you can save on data points and avoid unnecessary billing overages.

The deduplication feature is useful especially in Reverse ETL scenarios where a large number of rows are sent with duplicate columns.

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