Warehouse Cost Management Improvements

Advanced warehouse setting for faster syncs and enhanced warehouse cost management.
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RudderStack lets you quickly sync Event Stream data to your warehouse destinations using an advanced Warehouse Append setting. With this setting, RudderStack appends your incoming Event Stream data to the existing data in your warehouse, leading to faster data syncs and significantly reducing your warehouse costs.

RudderStack supports this feature for the following warehouse destinations:

Note that while the append operation helps to achieve faster data syncs with reduced warehouse costs, it may increase the number of duplicates present in the warehouse, especially if the existing data is older than two weeks. You can turn off this setting to ensure 100% non-duplicate data.

To enable this feature for your existing warehouse destinations, go to the Configuration tab of your destination in the RudderStack dashboard, click Edit Configuration, and turn on the Warehouse Append setting.

For more information on this feature, see the Advanced settings section of the specific warehouse destination documentation.

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