ActiveCampaign Hybrid Mode Updates

Hybrid mode support for ActiveCampaign destination.
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You can now send events to ActiveCampaign from your JavaScript source in hybrid mode.

In hybrid mode, RudderStack sends the following events to ActiveCampaign in cloud mode via their REST API:

  • identify: Identifying users
  • screen: Recording users’ screen views
  • track: Tracking user activity

It also sends the page events (for recording users’ page views) to ActiveCampaign in device mode, using the native ActiveCampaign web SDK. This is required for implementing ActiveCampaign’s site tracking functionality and allowlisting your domain for tracking purposes.

Using hybrid mode, you can implement site tracking in ActiveCampaign while leveraging RudderStack’s cloud mode-only features like Data Governance and Tracking Plans.

How to send events in hybrid mode

To send events in hybrid mode, choose the hybrid mode option while configuring your ActiveCampaign destination:

ActiveCampaign hybrid mode connection setting

See our ActiveCampaign documentation for more information on this feature.

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