Profiles 0.13.x Changelog

Changelog for Profiles v0.13.x.

Version 0.13

16 May 2024

What’s New

  • Timegrains feature (experimental) lets you reuse the output material of a model within the specified time period, preventing unnecessary recalculations⁠. You can define its value as a day, week, month etc. to compute features at the end of that particular period.
  • Cohorts feature (experimental) lets you define core customer segments within an entity based on some characteristics.
  • Removed support for rebase_incremental in project_spec. However, you can specify it using the command-line tool.
  • The output folder now generates artifacts for run and compile commands in separate subfolders with the same name.
  • pb init pb-project now comes with a sample SQL model.
  • ReadFile support introduced in YAML which lets you highlight syntax. In a SQL model, you can use {{this.ReadFile("models/sql_file.sql")}} to refer SQL content from a file.
  • Material registry is now at v5. It includes two new columns - model_ref and registry_version. The registry will be automatically migrated once you execute pb run command.


  • Improved performance in compilation and ID stitching processes, resulting in faster operations.
  • Improved error handling at some places.
  • Few internal refactorings for enhanced working.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed include_untimed key from the pb_project.yaml file as it was redundant.
  • Fixed sporadic lengthening of project runs in RudderStack dashboard.

Known Issues

  • Linux users might see this warning for all command runs - you can ignore it: WARN[0000]log.go:228 gosnowflake.(*defaultLogger).Warn DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS envvar looks to be not set, this can lead to runaway dbus-daemon processes. To avoid this, set envvar DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/bus (if it exists) or DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=/dev/null.
  • Redshift: If two different users create material objects on the same schema, RudderStack will throw error during cleanup when trying to drop views created by the other user, such as user_var_table.
  • pb validate access command does not work for BigQuery.
  • Some commands such as pb insert does not work for Redshift, Databricks, and BigQuery.
  • For a few clusters, cross database references can fail on Redshift.
  • If you are referring a public package in the project and get ssh: handshake failed error, then you’ll have to manually clear WhtGitCache folder to make it work.
  • The code for validity_time is redundant and should be removed.
  • In some cases, you may need to install the profiles-rudderstack and profiles-rudderstack-bin pip packages separately.
  • You may have to execute the compile command once before executing validate access. Otherwise, you will get a seq_no error.
  • Cohort features do not inherit parent’s features.
  • RudderStack dashboard lists a cohort only if it has features.
  • Timegrains is an experimental feature. There might be some undiscovered issues.
  • Activations does not work with Redshift warehouse.

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