Profiles 0.1.x Changelog

Changelog for Profiles v0.1.x.

Version 0.1.0

18 August 2022

We are now in beta! Please do try out PB and share your feedback with us, so that we can make it better.

What’s New

  • ID Stitcher - ID Stitching solves the problem of tying different identities together, for the same user across different sessions/devices. With v0.1.0, we launch PB ID Stitching. It provides an easy to use and powerful interface to specify Id Stitching inputs.
  • Command Line Interface - Our CLI tool works on Linux, Windows and Mac machines. Using it you can setup a profile having connection to your Database, make a PB project, create SQL from models, run ID stitcher models directly on the Warehouse, and discover all the created models/entities/sources on DW.


  • We have enhanced the speed of Discover and Compile commands, from minutes to a few seconds.
  • The description of a few commands in Help has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • The command for discovering entities wasn’t working, which has now been resolved.
  • Fixed the bug on init profile command where siteconfig wasn’t getting created on first-time installations.
  • A few bugs resolved related to output of discover command.

Known Issues:

  • Warning: While the run command is being executed, please do not cancel it by pressing Ctrl+C. Though it will stop the program’s execution on CLI, the query will keep running on the data warehouse. This is a documented Snowflake behaviour.
  • Null ID’s in ID stitcher. If first listed Id is null, the entire row may be ignored. That means, results are silently incorrect.
  • If first listed ID is null, the entire row may be ignored. The first listed ID is assumed to be the key ID. If it is ever null the results may be incorrect.

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