RudderStack provides the following advanced settings:

  • Warehouse Append: This setting is turned on by default - RudderStack appends your incoming Event Stream data to the existing data in your warehouse. Turning it off causes RudderStack to merge your incoming data into your warehouse to ensure 100% non-duplicate data.

The append operation helps to achieve faster data syncs while reducing warehouse costs. However, note that it may increase the number of duplicates in the warehouse, especially if the existing data is older than two weeks. A common scenario where duplication might occur is when the SDKs retry sending events in case of failures.

A merge strategy ensures deduplication but can lead to longer sync times and increased warehouse costs.

  • Skip User Table: Toggle on this setting to send events exclusively to the identifies table and skip the users table, eliminating the need for a merge operation on the users table.
  • Skip Tracks Table: Toggle on this setting to skip sending events to the tracks table.
  • JSON Columns: Lets you ingest semi-structured event data not defined by a fixed schema. You can specify the required JSON column paths in this setting in dot notation, separated by commas. This option applies to all incoming track events for this destination. See JSON Column Support for more information.

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