Under Select your source type, choose Audience and follow these steps:

  1. Configure your audience source by specifying the below fields:

    • Schema: Select the warehouse schema from the dropdown.
    • Table: Choose the required table from which RudderStack syncs the data.
    • Primary key: Select the column from the above table that uniquely identify your records in the warehouse.
Use audience as source

RudderStack uses the primary key column for diffing in case of incremental syncs. You can generate it by:

  • Generating your table with a primary key, OR
  • Creating a table view

You can use a composite key in cases where one column cannot be considered as a primary key. For example, you can a declare a composite key of user_id and timestamp by creating a view on your warehouse table.

  1. Set your audience conditions.
  2. Click Preview to see the resulting data. Then, click Continue to proceed.
Audience configuration

Finally, review and complete your source setup.

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