Introduction to RudderStack

Customer data platform for developers to build smarter customer data pipelines

RudderStack is the leading open source Customer Data Platform (CDP), providing data pipelines that allow you to easily collect data from every application, website and SaaS platform to activate in your warehouse and business tools.

With RudderStack, you can build customer data pipelines that connect your whole customer data stack and then make it smarter by triggering enrichment and activation in customer tools based on analysis in your data warehouse.

Event data captured by RudderStack can be sent in real time to 180+ business tools and loaded to your warehouse/data lake on configurable schedules. RudderStack also offers tools that enable you to build custom sources and destinations.

Its easy-to-use SDKs, Cloud Apps, Cloud Extract integrations, transformations, and expansive library of destinations makes building customer data pipelines for both event streaming and cloud-to-warehouse ELT simple.

Key features

Warehouse-first: RudderStack treats your data warehouse as a first class citizen among destinations, with advanced features and configurable, and near real-time sync.

Developer-focused: RudderStack is built API-first. It integrates seamlessly with the tools that the developers already use.

High Availability: RudderStack has a built-in sophisticated error handling and retry system that ensures that your data will be delivered even in the event of network partitions or destinations downtime.

Privacy and Security: You can collect and store your customer data without sending everything to a third-party vendor. With RudderStack, you get fine-grained control over what data to forward to which analytical tool.

Unlimited Events: With RudderStack, you are be able to collect as much data as possible without worrying about overrunning your event budgets.

Segment API-compatible: RudderStack is fully compatible with the Segment API. If you are using Segment; simply integrate the RudderStack SDKs into your app and your events will keep flowing to the destinations (including data warehouses) as before.

Production-ready: Companies like Mattermost, IFTTT, Torpedo, Grofers, 1mg, Nana, OnceHub, and dozens of large companies use RudderStack for collecting their events.

Seamless Integration: RudderStack currently supports integration with over 150 popular tool and warehouse destinations.

User-specified Transformation: RudderStack offers a powerful JavaScript-based event transformation framework which lets you enhance or transform your event data by combining it with your other internal data. Furthermore, as RudderStack runs inside your cloud or on-premise environment, you can easily access your production data to join with the event data.

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