Control plane setup

Set up your RudderStack Open Source control plane to manage your connections.

RudderStack’s control plane provides a UI that lets you manage your source and destination configurations.

The easiest way to set up your control plane and manage your configurations is through the RudderStack-hosted control plane, that is, RudderStack Open Source.

Control plane setup options

RudderStack gives you two options to set up your control plane:

  1. RudderStack-hosted control plane (RudderStack Open Source).
  2. Self-host control plane using Control Plane Lite.

Control Plane Lite is now deprecated and does not work with the latest rudder-server versions.

To set up and manage your connections, using the RudderStack-hosted control plane is strongly recommended.

The following sections list the steps to set up your control plane using these options.

RudderStack Open Source

  1. Sign up for RudderStack Open Source.
  2. You will be presented with a Getting started checklist. Follow the instructions to set up your connection.
Getting started checklist
  1. In the dashboard, go to Settings > Workspace and copy the Workspace token. This token is required to set up your data plane.
Workspace Token
The workspace token is a unique identifier of your RudderStack workspace. RudderStack uses this token to automatically read your source-destination configurations when you run the data plane.

Self-host control plane

Use the Control Plane Lite utility to self-host the control plane. It lets you manage your data pipelines locally by exporting or importing your source-destination configurations from a JSON file.


You can use RudderStack Open Source to set up your source-destination connections and manage your data pipelines.


RudderStack Open Source supports only Event Stream sources. It does not support Cloud Extract and Reverse ETL sources.

You can set up Cloud Extract and Reverse ETL sources by signing up for RudderStack Cloud.


RudderStack Open Source supports the following destination types:

See the destination-specific documentation for detailed setup steps.


RudderStack Open Source supports the following features:

Tracking Plans is a paid feature. To use it, upgrade your RudderStack account by reaching out to the Sales team.

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