Get started with the RudderStack Screen API call.

The screen call lets you record whenever your user views their mobile screen, with any additional relevant information about the screen.

The screen call is the mobile equivalent of the page call.

Sample Payload

Here is a sample payload of a screen call after removing most of the Common fields:

  "type": "screen",
  "name": "Main",
  "properties": {
    "title": "Home | RudderStack",
    "url": ""

The corresponding event that generates the above payload via the iOS SDK is:

[[RSClient sharedInstance] screen:@"Main"
                  @"title" : "Home | RudderStack",
                  @"url" : @""}

Screen Fields

The screen call has the following fields in addition to the Common fields:

nameStringOptionalScreen name
propertiesObjectOptionalProperties of the screen such as the url, referrer, etc. For more more information, check the Properties section below.


Properties are additional information that describe the viewed screen.

RudderStack has reserved some standard properties listed in the table below and handles them in special ways.

nameStringYou can tag each screen with a name. This is a reserved property for future use.

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