Understand how ecommerce product review events work in RudderStack.

Product review lifecycle events are a customer adding a product review on your app or website.

Product Reviewed

This event is triggered whenever a customer reviews a product. The following properties are supported:

Property NameTypeDescription of the Property
product_idStringProduct ID of the product being reviewed
review_idStringReview ID of the review being posted by the customer
review_bodyStringReview text posted by the customer
ratingStringCustomer rating of the product

Here is an example of the Product Reviewed event:

rudderanalytics.track("Product Reviewed", {
  product_id: "0a4f1f33deb86cd799439092",
  review_id: "9ec72f55ace900e0bb51a066",
  review_body: "Good product, delivered in excellent condition",
  rating: "5",

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