Send data from RudderStack to Vitally.

Vitally is a customer success platform for B2B SaaS companies that wraps your unified customer data with powerful analytics, alerts, and workflows to help you build successful customers.

This destination is maintained by Vitally. For any issues, contact the Vitally Support team.

Getting started

RudderStack supports sending event data to Vitally via the following connection modes:

Connection ModeWebMobileServer
Device mode---
Cloud modeSupportedSupportedSupported

Once you have confirmed that the source platform supports sending events to Vitally, follow these steps:

  1. From your RudderStack dashboard, add a source. Then, from the list of destinations, select Vitally.
  2. Assign a name to the destination and click Continue.

Connection settings

To successfully configure Vitally as a destination, you will need to configure the following settings:

  • API Key: Enter your Vitally API key. For more information on obtaining the API key, refer to the FAQ section below.
Once Vitally receives at least one event from RudderStack, you will be able to proceed with the setup process and create accounts from RudderStack.


The identify call lets you identify a user and associate them to their actions. It also lets you record any traits about them like their name, email, etc.

A sample identify event is shown below:

rudderanalytics.identify('1hKOmRA4GRlm', {
  name: 'Alex Keener',
  email: '',
  avatar: '',
  role: 'CEO'

Vitally uses the information from the identify calls to consolidate the user profile. Also, you can use the traits for sorting and filtering users within an account.

You can view the following identify traits in the Vitally dashboard:

nameSets the username in Vitally.
emailSets the user’s email.
avatarDisplays the user’s avatar in the Vitally dashboard.


The track method lets you capture user events along with the properties associated with them.

A sample track call is shown below:

rudderanalytics.track('Enabled Slack Integration', {
  channel: '#support'

Vitally uses the track calls to track and analyze the account’s (user’s) engagement with your product. It provides out-of-the-box analysis for your events and the ability to define your own custom metrics on top of them, for example, Success Metrics and Elements.


The group call lets you link an identified user with a group like a company, organization, or an account.

A sample group call is shown below:"group01", {
  name: "Initech",
  industry: "Technology",
  plan: "enterprise",
  mrr: 2000

Vitally uses the group events to maintain a picture of the account. It adds any group traits to the account which you can use to analyze your customer base as a whole. You can view a customer’s traits on their dashboard, use these traits for sorting and filtering, configure rules to automate your customer success process, and much more.

RudderStack sets the group trait name as the account name in the Vitally dashboard.


Where can I find the Vitally API key?

  1. From your Vitally dashboard, go to Account Settings > Product Data integrations list.
  2. Select and enable the RudderStack integration. You will find the API key listed here.

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